Well-being, what exactly is well-being? According to the dictionary it means “the state of being comfortable, healthy,or happy.”  Well- being is tricky to measure and for this blog post I’m going to suggest ways that we can improve our own well-being and even those around us.

Well-being, for individuals, this can be feeling comfortable, happy or healthy or for some it can be not having as much financial stress, relationship concerns, tension at work and so on. I believe, to a point our personal well-being is about positive energy, feeling good about choices made and even choosing to improve our attitude. For example just take a couple of minutes and think of all the good in your life, if you have time jot them down and keep handy. As we go on through our day we sometimes have periods that feel a bit low, or the energy in the room isn’t good. This is when you can bring out the piece of paper with all the good that is in your life have a quick read so to focus on what is good. This triggers our mind to go to the feel good memories therefore we shift our mind set.

Well-being is about doing things that make us feel good physically and psychologically. Our body is not separate from our mind therefore choosing to do physical exercise will help the well-being of our mind and by doing mind exercise this will help the well-being of our body.                                                                                                                                                      Physical exercise, easy right? Go for a run, to the gym, dance class, yoga and whatever makes you feel good.                      Mind exercise, easy? This is usually the difficult exercise. Mind exercise for well-being is about focusing on the positive thoughts that enter our mind thousands of times a day and if you are thinking not my mind, then let us be proactive and exercise the mind muscles for well-being. If a negative thought keeps playing choose to stop the looping by changing the thought. Sometimes we will be listening to music and a song comes on that we don’t like or it doesn’t make us feel good we stop the song and change it to one that we like …True? How about doing this with your mind. When a negative thought comes in to play, stop the song/negative thought and change the thought. This is mind exercise and we want to be proactive every minute of the day to take care of our own well-being. It takes time, commitment, and awareness of these thoughts however the benefits make it all worth it.

You can do this, it is about believing in yourself and being proactive.