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The impact that FI/FO work can have on the couple and the children is difficult to really know. At first we sometimes look at the financial benefits rather than how it can affect our home life. FI/FO work impacts not only the family unit and couple but also the individual. Please give us for expert fly in fly out counselling.


How FIFO Impacts Lives:


✓ The distance can impact on the couples relationship.
✓ It often feels like the stay at home person is a “single Parent.”
✓ Adjusting to the roster, for example you get excited about seeing your partner and children their parent and then a grieving period when the FI/FO worker has to return to work. Emotional ups and downs.
✓ FI/FO worker can struggle with on site life style and then adjusting to home life…sometime feeling a sense of “not belonging”
✓ Finding time for one self, couple time and family time, this can feel overwhelming and difficult to juggle.
✓ Feeling guilty about leaving the family and partner. Feelings of guilt restricts the worker in enjoying their work. Guilt keeps us stuck.
✓ Sometimes the partner that is at home feels like the FI/FO worker is getting a break when on site.


Ways To Help FIFO Workers:


✓ Provide your partner with times that you can contact each other and if children are involved also provide them with times that you can be contacted. Skype, phone daily if possible.
✓ Discuss roster with partner and if any changes are to occur discuss with them.
✓ Be aware that certain routines are in place at home, rules and boundaries are in place. It is important to maintain these when the FI/FO worker is on time off. Support each other and discuss if changes need to be made.
✓ Effective open communication between the couple is vital. Acknowledge how you are feeling being mindful of how this message is delivered. “I statements” are helpful. Always talk about concerns with each other.
✓ Make sure you have couple time, perhaps organise date nights or activities you can do together. It is vital to keep the romance in the relationship. Be creative! Never take each other for granted.
✓ Allow for individual time and this is also important for the stay at home parent.
✓ Have time with the children, if possible one on one time and time altogether as a family.
✓ FI/FO work can cause feelings of isolation and this can lead to depression, it is important to talk about these feelings.
✓ It is important to maintain a healthy life style, sometimes we can over eat or indulge in too much drinking. Healthy options will help maintain a better out look on life.
✓ Single FI/FO workers may find it difficult to form new relationships, it is best to keep a balanced social life so that bringing in unhealthy activities don’t become a habit.
✓ Stay connected with family and friends and remember not to over commit yourself on your time off.
✓ It is always helpful to talk to a professional!

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