Client Testimonials


Lynne has been the one to see me through some tough times. She totally supported, believed in me and empowered me and I gained more confidence to deal with ongoing future crisis’. …She was the wind beneath my wings… She is always there when you need her and gives 101%. I have felt that someone was on my side and she helped me find my confidence when times were not so good. I find Lynne to be knowledgeable, conscientious, compassionate and very insightful. And her emotional intelligence shines through.. I would trust her in handling any situations.



I first met Lynne in 2009 and for the past 5 years she has been a huge support to both me, my 2 teenage sons and family as a whole. Her practical approach to life’s challenges provided us all with sound strategies to deal with a wide range of daily issues. My sons have huge respect for her and are very comfortable confiding in her, knowing that she can be trusted. Her holistic approach provides a range of tools that the boys have easily been able to utilise in times of stress, I have found her common sense approach has helped me to reflect clearly and pin point areas for personal growth. My sessions with her always leave me feeling in control of my life and excited about the journey!



Having shared my families and my time with Lynne over the past 5 years I can confidently say that every interaction was worthwhile. Our blended family, my wife, my step kids, my own kids and me personally have all had the pleasure of personal and joint time with Lynne and we have all gratefully received her simple practical assistance and understanding with all manner of challenges. Lynne’s follow up, knowledge retention and willingness to make herself available to help when ever needed is a credit to her. Thanks Lynne for all your help in the past and no doubt in the future.



I first approached Lynne in February 2015. I had just lost my Father and my girlfriend had left me, times were tough to say the least. At first I was hesitant as I’m sure many others are due to the stigma that surrounds going to a counsellor. I didn’t know what to expect but knew I needed to talk to someone. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, Lynne is gentle, resourceful and all in all a really great person. Lynne is highly professional and I urge you if you’re considering a counsellor to make the call to Lynne. I learnt the impact my past has on my present behaviours and beliefs, and I strive daily to change my self beliefs. I now consider Lynne a friend and we are still in regular contact still in May 2016, she is my go to person when I feel I need a lift. Thanks Lynne for all you have done and encouraging me to be the very best version of myself. You’re a star. Mark.



Lynne Foote is a qualified Life Coach and Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 15 years experience. Lynne provides her clients with professional support and strategies to empower them to make a difference in their life and reach their full potential.

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