Surviving 2020: This has been a challenging time for many because of a variety of reasons. It has been a time of the unknown and this causes some of us concern so it feels like we have no control. Remember you have control of how you choose to feel about this challenge so choose wisely.

Surviving 2020 is about grief and loss and allowing yourself to go through the healing process. It’s not about forgetting, it is about giving yourself permission to feel the feelings and move to a place of acceptance. This does not mean it is good or bad, right or wrong… it means it is what it is. So for many, this will be difficult….

Surviving 2020 strategies-

  • Be Kind To Your Mind
  • Patience
  • Ask For Help
  • Research What Financial Support/Options Are Available
  • Exercise
  • Talk To Someone
  • Soak In A Warm Bath
  • Don’t Compare Your Situation To Others
  • Stop Watching Too Much News
  • Journal
  • Be Your Best Friend!

Surviving 2020 is also about celebrating how well we have done in coping with this strange and often overwhelming time. It has been a long year and yet here we are nearing the end. Believe and be proud that we have all done the best in what has never been experienced by many of us before. So celebrate your resilience and the way you have adjusted to change, the way you have gained compassion for self and other’s and celebrate moving forward to a happier place.