Stress impacts our mental and physical health and yet we still stress… WHY??


We have all experienced stress. Sometimes it works for us; yes it actually helps us perform better in certain situations. Sadly, it can become chronic if experienced over a long time. Stress counselling can help!

You know that feeling…heart pounding waiting for an important phone call, sweaty hands before speaking in front of 200 people. Our body will automatically kick into gear flooding our body with hormones getting ready for “fight or flight” response.

Stress is intrusive for us to live life. We end up fatigued, irritable, foggy, emotional, we sleep less, body aches, migraines, depressed, overwhelmed and more.

Stress can lead to some very serious health issues:

Depression and Anxiety

Weight Issues

Auto immune diseases

Skin problems such as eczema

Reproductive issues

Heart disease

Cognitive and memory problems.

Feeling overwhelmed

Difficulty making decisions

lack of interest in social activities, relationships etc

What can we do to reduce stress?

  1. We need to identify the cause- could be financial, relationships, work, and so on. Keep a journal and monitor your stress levels, your thoughts and mood.
  2. Ask for support, talk to friends and family.
  3. Be in the now, sometimes we are stressing about what may not even happen. This is exhausting.
  4. Regular exercise – we all know this is important however I recommend you do something that you enjoy. If you’re not into the gym then don’t waste your money on a gym membership that you will possibly only use once. It’s about feeling good!
  5. Daydreaming is a form of meditation so go ahead and daydream for 10 minutes.
  6. Laugh, learn to have fun and lighten up.
  7. Eat healthy unprocessed food.
  8. Have a social life.
  9. Learn to relax.
  10. Book a session with a registered counsellor who can help you learn how to manage stress effectively.

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