Relationship Counselling

Many enter in to counselling feeling out of sorts, not happy, emotional, questioning themselves and at times asking themselves “Is this it?”

Sound familiar?

It often seems when we are in this place we believe that it is our partner that is causing the unhappiness. Often, it has been present for years and life becomes so busy we block out the feelings. Works for a while however eventually it is triggered off, usually by something minor.

It can be triggered at any age, you would have heard of Mid-life crisis? Now it can be mid twenties/thirties etc.

Relationships are important and as most of us know the most important relationship is with you. It’s not always about our partner.

The relationship and how we treat ourselves is vital. We teach people how to treat us and if we abuse and disrespect ourselves guess what……..Others will.

 I ask you;

What have you done so wrong, that you would treat yourself with disrespect and abuse?

What gives you permission to treat yourself like this?

Who started the abuse and what makes you continue the abuse?

Often when we are in a relationship and we feel this way we push our partner away, focus on their faults or what annoys us about them. Sometimes, we believe we would be happier if we leave.
At times we choose to band aide either through eating, drinking, working longer hours and so on.

The band aide comes off eventually.

Some steps to help guide you;

1. Start counselling. Call me 0401 640 771

2. Journal ( Hand written)

3. Do things that make you happy.

4. Focus on what is working in your life and in your relationship.

5. Exercise.

6. Identify what you feel is missing.

7. Communicate with your partner. Use “I statements”

8. Be your Best friend.

We all, at some stage come to a cross roads, some look at it as a bad thing. In actual fact this is when we generally get the best out of life. We make positive changes; we develop new friendships or new opportunity.

Embrace change.