Relationship health check… Many of us stay in unhealthy relationships. We stay out of fear of failure or because we are seeking approval from someone who will never give it to us.

Have you ever felt threatened and frightened? If you are then speak to a professional.

People often think women are the only ones in this position, this is not true. Men are being controlled by women and because they find it difficult to talk to someone they often suffer in silence. Some men feel a sense of shame and / or weakness.

We stay because we give our power to the controlling partner however if we become informed and assertive we stop the controlling partner having control. It no longer causes you to be in fear of failure and you stop looking for approval. Let’s be honest if you are in a relationship that is toxic and you’re being abused, controlled and/ or bullied on a regular basis you need to make changes.

Healthy Relationships are –




Have effective communication


Exciting and much more…
Make the choice to face your fear and believe in yourself. Everyone deserves a healthy relationship.

If you are having some concerns, seek professional help and  explore options and gain skills to get to a healthier place, the benefits are huge.