Marriage-counseling also referred to as “couples therapy,” is a type of therapy that helps couples improve their relationships. It helps the couple identify and resolve conflicts by enabling each member of the marriage to make thoughtful decisions without knee-jerk reactions that may later be regretted. It usually involves both partners, but either partner might choose to work alone with the counsellor. Particulars of the counselling will differ between couples based on the specifics of each situation. Marriage counselling focuses on overcoming obstacles through effective communications while reinforcing a couple’s connection.


Over time, some couples have a tendency to share less and less about their true, in-depth thoughts and feelings and, instead, embark on a path of what may be superficial communication. As a result, problems can arise. Marriage counseling provides an opportunity to get to know your spouse again and strengthen your relationship.

Premarital counselling can help couples learn more about one another before getting married. In other cases, and more frequently, marriage counselling can help rescue a troubled relationship. Any number of challenges that overwhelm a couple and threaten the marriage can be addressed, including issues such as infidelity, anger, financial problems, sexual difficulties, poor communication or conflicts over raising children. Counselling can even help blended families.


It is important to note that couple counselling takes commitment, patience and an investment in self as well as the couple every day. The couple does not get healthier on its own.

You’re worth the investment.