Intention- a thing intended; an aim or plan.

An intention will help give clarity, once you plant the seed and use it as your mantra for the day you start believing therefore what you believe you become.

Living with intention and setting intentions can be fun, it’s about realising your dream, goals and purpose and then listing them down. Remember when you write your intentions Be specific, allow yourself to dream, be in the feeling of the intention as if you already have it. Reflect with gratitude. What we are doing when we are setting our intention is activating the part of your receptivity. It is having a direction.

The theory around setting intentions is to dominate one’s thoughts on what one wants, feel good and we move toward this intention. Our thought will help drive our actions to what we want. We need to be specific as our mind is powerful and any negative thought can take us off track. If this happens we use our intention to get us back on track.

Some may ask what is the point of living with intention, how does it help….. to help answer this I often think of living with intention is like the mind and heart working together. A meeting ground. When one activates an intention it often elevates your good energy vibration therefore we feel good we become a lot more proactive and this creates more of the good feel energy. By living with intention we have more to gain than lose.