How to improve your marriage with couple counselling:

Couples are unsure of what to expect from couple therapy. They are often uncertain about the process and the role of the counsellor/therapist. Couple therapy, I believe is beneficial on so many levels. Sadly many couples leave going to counselling a bit late or as their last hope. I strongly suggest to engage in counselling sooner rather than later.

Couple counselling/therapy will help you gain skills in how to have a healthy loving relationship. It’s learning how to cooperate and not compete with each other.

Some improvements you will notice: 

You will have the kind of life you want to build together. Having a significant other to share your dreams and hopes with.

Become the partner you aspire to be in order to build the kind of life and relationship you want .

Identify individual blocks to become the kind of partner you aspire to be.

Awareness helps change what is not working.

Gain skills and knowledge necessary to do the above and create your desired history.

Be proactive. Communicate with “I statements”

Listen to understand do not listen to reply.

Take care of the “I” in the couple, have separate interest from your partner because you are not joined at the hip.

Team work….it is not about being right, it is about cooperating and being part of the decision making.


To create the relationship you desire, you want to communicate, cooperate, compromise, have mutual respect, be present, come from the heart, be kind, be patient and more.

As your Counsellor/therapist I will help you improve, maintain and be consistent. It is about being accountable, so positive change happens often. Once you have reached your desired relationship it is helpful to have one off sessions to keep the relationship on track.

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