Feeling overwhelmed, stressed by a bad relationship?

Sadly, at some point in a relationship we go through periods of feeling overwhelmed, stressed and perhaps questioning our relationship. If the relationship cannot be regenerated to being the healthy loving relationship it once was, it maybe irreparably damaged.

There are indicators (signs) early on in our relationship that both partners choose to ignore. Often I hear that they stay in the relationship as they don’t want to be “alone” or “single” …. Issues escalate, limiting negative relationship patterns continue and the couple becomes unhealthy. The blame game starts, we feel a loss of hope, exhausted and often disconnect emotionally, physically and feel alone and unhappy.

I’ve been working with individuals and couples for many years and experience tells me that some have this mind set that leaving an unhealthy relationship is a failure, or going to counselling is the last option. Let me tell you that staying in an unhealthy relationship, making do or not seeking counselling is more of a failure. You’re making the choice to keep yourself trapped in something that could be improved. Counselling can help you change and improve your relationship with yourself and your partner. The skills you can gain are yours for life and helps stop the negative limiting relationship patterns.


Prevention- I’m a big believer in early intervention. Don’t ignore the indicators/warning signs that something isn’t feeling right for you. Choose to be proactive to flag up concerns to your partner. Suggest counselling sooner rather than later as the benefits are huge. Once you are aware that the negative patterns are not working for you, do something about it. Both partners need to be willing to be proactive to work on the couple, remember, each partner plays a part. Acknowledge your part and change the behaviour that isn’t working, it is not about being right it is about being happy in yourself and the couple. Be consistently vigilant to the warning signs.

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