Feeling Low, depressed, there is a difference between feeling low to being depressed. Being depressed is like a dark hole that is difficult to get out of. For some it can feel so dark and heavy they often feel alone, overwhelmed, helpless, exhausted and more. Remember everyone is different.

It is important for us as a friend, family member co-worker to check in with anyone if they are isolating themselves on any level. We can not make it go away however we can let them know that they are not alone.


  • It is a moment at a time, make everything do-able, lower expectations.
  • Surround yourself with good friends support.
  • See a professional, this is vital as it allows you a place to feel safe and free to say whatever and explore options to help you get to a better place.
  • Exercise, this is important as it gives us the feel good feeling.
  • Patience, we take this journey at the pace that works best for the client.
  • Diet, make sure you are eating food that is feeding you with food that is going to help your thoughts. Sugar and alcohol need to be avoided.
  • Get out side, fresh air is great, 10 minutes is enough to begin with.
  • Journal, hand written journal is helpful it can help you gain some clarity and understand triggers.
  • Remember “you’re not alone”