Feel great from now on…. Not just for 2020.

Learn to be creative and give yourself the gift of feeling great from now on. Everyone makes all these grand New Year’s resolutions, perhaps the same one’s you have every year?

Let’s be creative and give ourselves the opportunity to get excited about life.

Consider creating a new history that makes every year a great one, be creative and visualise what feels exciting to you. Remember when it feels good it usually means it is good and that we are on the right path.

I understand that there is tension in the world and tension at work and so on however we don’t want to become consumed with it. We don’t want to become sick from tension, stress, trauma etc. Yes, we can be proactive by doing what we can to make the world a better place, even make our work place a healthier environment.

To feel great from now on start by being kind to your mind all the time…. Journal if this helps stop the chatter, remember you are in charge of your thoughts so make sure you choose kind thoughts.

To feel great from now on take yourself for a walk, a bike ride, go dancing just remember to do what feels good and your body will reward you for it, so will your mind!

Be kind to others, a smile and or a hello goes a long way….

Remove judgement that you place on yourself and others. Often we don’t realise we are doing it however we are usually critical of self and often of others. Be kind in your thoughts. Comment on what looks good, feels good for you and others. It is difficult to be happy when you are annoyed or judging yourself and or others.

Spend less time on social media. Talk with your family, partner, children, remember to be present in the moment not distracted with gadgets.

Do something different once a week it could be as easy as trying a new recipe, meditation or walking a different path.

To feel great from now on is committing to yourself and being proactive about your well being.

Why wouldn’t you want to feel great?