Empty Feeling – 

Feeling empty can be caused by a multiple of reasons. Firstly it is important not to judge nor criticise ourselves. Feeling empty can be a reminder that we need to take a moment for ourselves, connect inward….ask yourself what is going on? Are you living in the past? Over thinking what is? And so on….

Many variables can contribute to feeling empty, sometimes it is something we need to sit with and allow ourselves to be in this moment.Take this time, trust in the process and re connect with yourself.

Feeling empty for long periods of time is when we consider it maybe a concern or we need to see someone to help guide us through this time.

Normally when I am working with client’s that are feeling empty and or numb I guide them to explore the timeline, what happened leading up to this feeling. Usually this helps identify an incident that happened to trigger this empty feeling. Sometimes, depending on the client, I will suggest working on the inner child. Many are surprised how helpful this is and notice a difference more or less straight away.

It is important that any feeling that is out of our norm is worth exploring, it’s a way of honouring the true self instead of being dismissive. Avoiding is not helpful.

Always remember for good mental and physical health we need to have a good relationship with ourselves! Some expect others make us feel better. If you can invest in yourself by eating healthy, exercising and perhaps speaking with a trained professional you will feel the benefits.

Consider Counselling and or Life Coaching as this can guide you and give the support that is sometimes required so we can make changes to feel the best we can remember you’re worth it!!