Covid-19, bush fires and floods it has been a surreal and overwhelming start to 2020. I know personally, that the devastating fires consumed my world and like others looking at ways to help and still feeling a sense of helplessness. Many are still struggling to recover from the bush fires and are fighting to get their homes rebuilt and have some kind of normality.

Before we could blink we had covid-19 crippling our world as we knew it.

The world feels like it is spinning us all on our heads and nothing feels like it’s within our control. What do we do? How do we do it? Our leaders don’t always know what to do. Can we slow down the spinning? So many questions… How do we keep ourselves financially okay, how do I ask for help… the unknown is just frightening at times. Many have lost jobs, many have lost loved ones. A lot of grief and loss!

Covid-19 survival

There is not survival plan as such, no right or wrong however if we all take it a moment at a time we will get through this. Yes, things will never go back to how it was however we will have a new normal. You hear about the businesses being creative to keep going, some helping or converting there businesses into producing products to help with short supplies. Perhaps we need to revisit where and whom makes our basic supplies. Can we create more jobs by making sure we don’t send production overseas. We need to realise this is a new world whereby we need to be so much more self sufficient, think outside the box.

We are hearing all the talk about looking after our physical and mental health and this is vital however it’s important all the time. Meditation, therapy, exercise is necessary however our mental health is also about challenging our mind, it is about socialising and some are finding creative ways to meet these basic needs. I think it’s important to also journal and talk about feelings using constructive not destructive ways of coping. What can we do? we can do the social distancing, wash hands, spend time with those in our home, read, dance and look for the opportunity for a better way of life, healthy change. Perhaps do that course that you have been putting off because you have been so busy. Some of us weren’t living before covid -19 we were all on this treadmill that we couldn’t find a way off. Many of us are off that treadmill and to be honest the slowing down is beneficial. Take the time to enjoy your coffee in the morning to smell the roses and be with your partner and children. The improvement in the climate has been extraordinary…. our planet was unwell and still is however it seems to be recovering…. Worth thinking about… is the fast pace killing the planet and the human being?

Let’s focus on the good changes and this will help us mentally and physically. I understand it can be a scary, this is normal. Feelings matter so don’t dismiss the feelings. Talk and be kind to your mind! However, moving forward we want to focus on the good. Turn off the news!!

Stay Well!