Collaborative Process, separating together is….

Collaborative Process, (separating together) refers to an alternative way to resolve the conflict surrounding a separation/divorce using collaborative strategies, rather than adversarial techniques and litigation.  It is also known as the “no-court divorce” because both spouses and their collaborative professionals (Team), sign a contract, called a Participation Agreement.

By choosing the Collaborative process:

The parties opt out of the Court agenda.

Specially trained lawyers, Family and Financial professionals (Team).

Interest-based negotiated settlement.

Client focused.

An open and transparent process.

Emotional and family support.

Financial expertise.

Allows clients to become empowered.

Set price.

Usually quicker and less stressful.

Feedback from David who chose Perth Collaborative Divorce Alliance

I was first made aware of Collaborate WA when seeking the professional services of a family court lawyer.

After investigating the offer and discussing with the family it stacked up as a perfect alternative.

Once we started the ball rolling we all meet in a neutral office and we were give a panel of industry experts to choose our personal representation from.

All areas we clearly explained, law, financial, planning and even emotional support. Both parties were given personal independent professional service under the benefit of a fixed sum outlay that would have been a fraction of the price involved if we both sort independent council.

The process was well explained and very well communicated the collaborative meetings were well run with attention to detail and sensitivity a premium.

This approach to family separation may not be for everyone but I highly recommend that you do some homework and see if it suits your personal circumstances. The process is seamless and does not waste time in fact you are given a timeline of events.

David (Perth)

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A lot more information on my Collaborative Practice Page.