Be Kind To Your Mind At Christmas Time – over the many years I have been in my practice I have noticed how many, not all, place extra stress on themselves over the Christmas period.

It’s time we practiced being kind to your mind at Christmas time… It’s not about how much we spend on gifts, how many presents we receive, Christmas time is about being with family and friends and sharing with those less fortunate. Placing less pressure on ourselves and others so everyone is feeling the true spirit of human nature.

Be kind to your mind at Christmas time is about having quality time, helping each another and not getting hooked into the negative mind thoughts that appear to arise around this time. Talk nicely to yourself, enjoy the company and be grateful for all the good in your life. Give yourself permission to not sweat the small stuff and be in the moment. When one learns to be kind to their mind, the kindness flows into all aspects of your life.

Learning not to have an expectation on how things should look, be and or please others actually allows for one to relax and let go of the pressure one puts on themselves….. having less stress is certainly a good thing, isn’t it?

Please, give yourself permission to be in the moment and change the script over this Christmas period so everyone can enjoy the time with family and friends. Be kind to your mind and grateful for all the good that surrounds you.