Professionals from a Variety of Disciplines’ Join Forces To Help Couples Ease Separation/Divorce Pain.

A new way to help couples through the separation/divorce process which is not only cost effective but emotionally less destructive to the family system has Perth Family lawyers, Family/Relationship Counselor and Financial professionals joining forces.

Interdisciplinary team of Collaborative Professionals is changing the old model of the family court system.

Perth Family and relationship expert Lynne Foote said many of us have become discouraged by the limitations that the family court system place on us and the ability to help families through this distressing time.

“Couples feeling vulnerable, stressed, overwhelmed are often exploited in the court system having hired attorneys, going through mediation and litigations.”

“Many couples end up with nothing, as their financial resources have been exhausted.”

“The emotional suffering is enormous; generally the children get caught in the crossfire of the battles.”

“I have couples that say we never argue in front of the children, true or not, the children are hurting and through the collaborative process we take care of the emotional issues that can arise from this difficult time,” said Ms Foote.

There are many benefits of working with a team of collaborative professionals:

  • The collaborative Team: Consist of two family lawyers, a financial and a family professional; taking care of the emotional, legal and financial stress.
  • Client Focused: Within this model, clients are empowered because they are part of the decision making process therefore individual and family issues are addressed, discussed and resolved.
  • Co-parenting: Co-parenting relationships are enhanced as well as preserved; this allows the children to have a voice.
  • Emotional stress: The family professional identifies and spends time with each individual as needed.
  • Takes weeks not Years: Every situation is different, although generally with the commitment of the couple and issues being resolved, approximately six (2 hour) meetings is the maximum (6-12 weeks).
  • Cost: Approximately a quarter the price of going through the court process.

Pauline Tesler collaborative lawyer and trainer believes’, “The value for clients and their children of interdisciplinary Collaborative team service delivery is incalculable.”